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    Understanding Our Morse Code Bracelets

    First of all, thank you for ordering our Morse Code Bracelets. Here is a guide in decoding your own Morse Code Bracelet


    Morse Code Guide

    Filler Beads

    When your Morse Conversion is short, we add filler beads so it will fit better on your wrist size. We add different filler beads depending on your order. 

    For Morse 1.0 and Morse 2.0 MINI

    For Morse 2.0 Bracelets

    Morse 2.0 Bracelet Guide


    Morse Code Conversion Guide 

    Photo Source

    Back Design

    Since we follow the Morse Code conversion to arrange the stones on your bracelet, your Bracelet might not wrap all around your wrist. It will depend on how long your Morse Code conversion is and your exact wrist size. We add Filler beads in case your Morse Code is too short but please expect a gap at the back design of your bracelet.


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