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    Bracelet Sizing Guide

    Most of the beaded bracelets available on Memooi are either wrap bracelets or strung on elastic, so they adjust to accommodate a wide range of wrist sizes. Best thing to do is measure, measure, measure!

    1. Use a non-stretch string or flexible measuring tape.
    2. Wrap around your wrist bone, snug without allowance but not too tight.
    3. Mark the string where it meets in a circle.
    4. Measure the string length.
    5. With your MEASURE select your bracelet size:
    Your Wrist size  Length


    Small (Standard size for women)

    Medium (Standard size for men)

    13 – 14 cm


    15 – 16 cm

    17 – 19

    15 – 16 cm


    17 – 18 cm

    19 – 21 cm

    Large  20 – 22 cm 22-24 cm


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