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    Restring your Memooi Bracelet

    If you ordered the wrong size, we provide extra nylon at the back of every Memooi board. Use it to restring your Memooi bracelet and follow the steps provided through the video below:
    • Stretch your cord before re-stringing your beads
    • Arrange your beads to your desired design
    • Tie your knot with some tension in the bracelet. In other words, pull the elastic so it is taut and just a little stretched when adding the second half of the knot. The extra tension from the inside helps keep the knot from untying.
    • Tighten your knot from all sides and tie them twice.
    • (Optional) After cutting the elastic cord, add a dab of glue to the knot. Super glue or E6000 jewelry glue are two that work well. 
    • If possible, cover your knot with the bead. This makes your elastic bracelet look nicer, but also protects the knot from wear caused by rubbing between two beads.

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